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Cultural heritage

Anykščiai was the homeland for famous Lithuanian writers, such as Antanas Baranauskas, Jonas Biliūnas, Antanas Vienuolis-Žukauskas. The preserved authentic granary still reminds about the work by Antanas Baranauskas. This granary was the place where the famous piece by Antanas Baranauskas “The Forest of Anykščiai” was born. Near the granary stands the house-museum of Antanas Vienuolis-Žukauskas. On the Liudiškiai Hill stands the 14 metres high tomb-monument called "The Light of Happiness" for the writer Jonas Biliūnas; to reach this monument one must climb 90 steps. In the Anykščiai Regional Park territory, the following objects of cultural heritage are preserved: the only one in Lithuania Horse Museum in the Niūronys village, more than one-hundred-years old narrow-gauge railway train station complex called Siaurukas and regular seasonal routes to the Lake Rubikiai, bas-reliefs of the pilots Steponas Darius and Stasys Girėnas carved on the Puntukas Boulder, and the most explored in Lithuania Šeimyniškėliai (Voruta) Mound. Some sources claim there used to stand the Voruta Castle of the King Mindaugas. In the centre of the Anykščiai town, you can find the highest in Lithuania church of St. Matthew.

Last updated: 11-06-2021