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Exceptional events, live traditions

Every year, an exceptional traditional festival called “Bėk bėk, žirgeli”/Run, run Horse is arranged in Niūronys village. During this festival people can admire not only beautiful horses but also take a look to their saddlery, harnesses and springless carriages called "lineika" decorated with home woven horsecloths. We offer to explore the objects of natural and cultural heritage by traveling following land and water routes (download the book). In this book, you will find 3 hiking routes, 4 cycling routes, 3 water routes, and 2 car routes. The most of the routes starts at the Anykščiai Regional Park Visitors' Centre. We suggest visiting this centre before starting your trip. The employees of the Visitors' Centre will introduce you the park rules, help to plan your trip, or answer your questions.

Last updated: 11-06-2021