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Anykščiai Regional Park was established on the 24th September, 1992 to preserve, use and manage the most valuable natural and cultural territories of the North East Aukštaitija. The present relief of the Regional Park was formed by the last glacier 16 thousand years ago. When it melted, old valleys were formed and now rivers Šventoji, Virinta, Elmė, Anykšta and many streams flow there. The highest hill of Storiai reaches 194 meter height and the deepest valley of the Šventoji River is 60 meters above sea level.

“Once walking here you found your eyes would ache:
Thefores would your soul so merry make,
Your hear so glad you wondered in surprise:
Where am I - in a wood or Paradise?”

                                         Antanas Baranauskas

The total area of the park is 15 459 ha. To preserve the natural and cultural heritage of the park, 1 nature reserve, 4 landscape reserves, 4 geomorphological reserves. 3 botanical reserves, 1 telmological reserve, 4 hydrographic and 1 urban reserve were established.

Last updated: 11-06-2021