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Inanimate nature

In the landscape reserve of the Forest of Anykščiai, lays the second in size boulder in Lithuania called the Puntukas Boulder, and whispers the largest in the country freshwater spring called the Queen's Quagmire. In the escarpments of Vetygala, Varius and others, one can observe layers of the quartz sand which is very characteristic to Anykščiai region. Rubikiai lake is not one of the biggest lakes of our land but also is unique with 16 islands with very interesting names, such as Pertako, Bučinė, Varnagrotė, Česnakinė, Liepinė, Didžioji, etc.

Live nature

More than 30 plants registered in the Lithuanian Red Book can be found in the regional's park territory. Here you can also find the protected broadleaf and mixed forest communities with oaks, ash trees, spruces, and maples which serve as a shelter for rare plant species.


Last updated: 15-04-2021