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The Puntukas Stone

Natural and cultural heritage - the Puntukas Stone - is located in the Anykščiai Pinewood landscape reserve. This is the second largest boulder in Lithuania. Puntukas is 6.9 m long, 6.7 m long, and 5.7 m high (1.5 m from the ground), and weighs 265 tons. It is a Rapakivi granite (structural variety of granite) clod brought by glaciers from Finland 14-20 thousand years ago during the last glacial period. Puntukas is interesting to visitors not only as a spectacular geological monument or a mythological boulder surrounded by legends, but also as a commemoration place of the legendary transatlantic pilots Steponas Darius and Stasys Girėnas. During German occupation, in the midsummer of 1943, the sculptor Bronius Pundzius engraved on this boulder their portraits and quotes from their Last Will to the Lithuanian people. In 2000, this boulder was announced as a geological natural monument.

Last updated: 16-04-2021