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The Queen’s Quagmire

One of the biggest streams of freshwater in Lithuania, called the Queen’s Quagmire, is located at the foot of the steep right slope of the River Šventoji. Excess water of the spring flows into the River Šventoji by a small creek. Currently, the stream reminds a small lake or a pond. The Queen’s Quagmire covers the area of approximately 0.7 ha, and is up to 3 m deep. Because of its depth and constant springing up of water, the quagmire does not freeze even on coldest days. The spring is surrounded by forest making it a quiet and peaceful place to be. The Queen’s Quagmire is famous not only for its size but also because of the legends related to this place. The story says, there was a queen who drowned in the quagmire together with her carriage and horses. Another legend tells about a priestess who was looking after the altar for the goddess Milda, and drowned herself thus demonstrating her objection to christening.

Last updated: 16-04-2021